Persona 5 Royal: Electric Chair Guide

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Itemization requires you to have an item that is being "converted", as well as the correct persona.

REMINDER! If you take out a persona from the compendium to itemize during an alarm and use it in that same alarm, it will result in a fusion accident. When grinding items that require an alarm, always take out the required persona and put it in your stock BEFORE triggering the alarm, or it will be a waste of money, items, and time.

TIP: For some reason, stat bonuses in P5R on gear are applied twice. This is a bug. It won't show up on your party members' stats, but it's happening internally. For example, a weapon might offer +7 Ag. When applied, it will actually grant +14 Ag. Keep this in mind!


Melee Weapons

(**=Ultimate Weapon)


Weapon Material Attack Accuracy Effect
Arsene's Cane Arsene 130 92 +Random ailment (low)
Arsene's Cane R Arsene (ALARM) 150 92 +Random ailment (med)
Paradise Lost Satanael 325 92 +Reduce curse dmg (high)
**Paradise Lost R Satanael (ALARM) 340 98 +Reduce curse dmg (high)


Weapon Material Attack Accuracy Effect
Ruyi Jingu Bang Hanuman 270 88 +Auto-Tarukaja
Ruyi Jingu Bang R Hanuman (ALARM) 290 88 +Auto-Tarukaja
Mjolnir Thor 280 88 +Elec attacks
**Mjolnir R Thor (ALARM) 324 88 +Elec attacks


Weapon Material Attack Accuracy Effect
Headhunter Ladle Pisaca 150 90 +Crit rate up (low)
Headhunter Ladle R Pisaca (ALARM) 150 90 +Crit rate up (med)
Claiomh Solais Mother Harlot 315 90 +50 SP
**Claiomh Solais R Mother Harlot (ALARM) 330 90 +50 SP


Weapon Material Attack Accuracy Effect
Masquerade Ribbon Queen Mab 240 88 +Dizzy (low)
Masquerade Ribbon R Queen Mab (ALARM) 250 88 +Dizzy (med)
Snow Queen Whip Skadi 250 88 +Auto-Sukukaja
Snow Queen Whip R Skadi (ALARM) 260 90 +Auto-Sukukaja
Naraka Whip Black Frost 280 90 +Freeze (high)
**Naraka Whip R Black Frost (ALARM) 320 90 +Freeze (high)


Weapon Material Attack Accuracy Effect
Senryou Takusha Ame-no-Uzume 130 90 +5 St
Snryou Takusha R Ame-no-Uzume (ALARM) 140 90 +6 St
Usumidori Yoshitsune 324 88 +Fear (high)
**Usumidori R Yoshitsune (ALARM) 340 88 +Fear (high)


Weapon Material Attack Accuracy Effect
Bear Gloves Bugs 240 90 +Crit rate up (med)
Bug Bear Gloves Bugs (ALARM) 260 90 +Crit rate up (med)
Vajra Asura 305 90 +Dizzy (low)
Vajra R Asura (ALARM) 325 90 +Dizzy (low)
Sabazios Cybele 315 90 +Crit rate up (high)
**Gorodias Cybele (ALARM) 330 90 +Crit rate up (high)


Weapon Material Attack Accuracy Effect
Death Contract Mithra 190 80 +Despair (low)
Death Vow Mithra (ALARM) 200 80 +Desapir (med)
Fleur du Mal Beelzebub 325 86 +5 Ma and dizzy (high)
**Fleurs du Mal R Beelzebub (ALARM) 345 86 +6 Ma and dizzy (high)


Weapon Material Attack Accuracy Effect
Hinokagutsushi Futsunushi 350 90 +Burn (med)
**Hinokagutsuchi R Futsunushi (ALARM) 360 90 +Burn (high)


Weapon Material Attack Accuracy Effect
Sword of Sinai Sandalphon 345 95 +Dizzy (med)
**Sword of Sinai R Sandalphon (ALARM) 365 95 +Dizzy (high)

Ranged Weapons

(**=Ultimate Weapon)


Weapon Material Attack Accuracy Ammo Effect
Nataraja Metatron 330 85 8 +5 All stats
Nataraja R Metatron (ALARM) 350 85 8 +6 All stats
Tyrant Pistol Lucifer 350 85 8 +10 Ma
**Tyrant Pistol R Lucifer (ALARM) 370 85 8 +15 Ma


Weapon Material Attack Accuracy Ammo Effect
Pumpkin Bomb Jack-o'-Lantern 150 82 3 +Burn (med)
Pumpkin Buster Jack-o'-Lantern (ALARM) 160 85 3 +Burn (high)
Megido Fire Shiva 350 85 3 +Burn (high)
**Megido Buster Shiva (ALARM) 380 85 3 +Burn (high)


Weapon Material Attack Accuracy Ammo Effect
Catnap Neko Shogun 150 90 5 +Sleep (med)
Catnap R Neko Shogun (ALARM) 170 90 5 +Sleep (med)
Sudarshana Vishnu 315 90 5 +Dizzy (med)
**Sudarshana R Vishnu (ALARM) 330 90 5 +Dizzy (high)


Weapon Material Attack Accuracy Ammo Effect
Brain Shot Succubus 120 90 12 +Brainwash (low)
Brain Shot R Succubus (ALARM) 135 90 12 +Brainwash (med)
Wild Hunt Odin 320 90 12 +Despair (med)
**Gungnir Odin (ALARM) 340 90 12 +Despair (high)


Weapon Material Attack Accuracy Ammo Effect
Kuzuryu Gouhou Vasuki 300 75 10 +5 St
Kuzuryu Gouhou R Vasuki (ALARM) 320 75 10 +7 St
Heaven's Gate Uriel 330 75 10 +10 Ag
**Providence Uriel (ALARM) 350 75 10 +13 Ag


Weapon Material Attack Accuracy Ammo Effect
Mirrirmina Yurlungur 220 75 6 +5 Ma
Mirrmirmina R Yurlungur (ALARM) 235 75 6 +7 Ma
Judge of the Dead Michael 340 75 6 +10 All stats
**Judge of the Dead R Michael (ALARM) 360 75 6 +11 All stats


Weapon Material Attack Accuracy Ammo Effect
Cat Punch Bazooka Nekomata 200 70 1 +Confuse (med)
Cat Punch Bomber Nekomata (ALARM) 220 70 1 +Confuse (med)
Yagrush Baal 345 70 1 +Shock (med)
**Yagrush R Baal (ALARM) 360 70 1 +Shock (high)


Weapon Material Attack Accuracy Ammo Effect
Doomsday Vohu Manah 330 85 5 +5 All stats
**Ancient of Days Vohu Manah (ALARM) 350 85 5 +6 All stats


Weapon Material Attack Accuracy Ammo Effect
Sahasrara Ardha 320 90 10 +5 All stats
**Sahasrara Ardha (ALARM) 345 90 10 +6 All stats


(Armor not here? Try our laundry guide.)

Unisex Armor

Armor Material Defense Evasion Effect
King Frost Hood King Frost 140 16 +Reduce Ice dmg (high)
King Frost Hood R King Frost (ALARM) 280 16 +Reduce Ice dmg (high)
Black Wing Robe Yatagarasu 250 20 +Reduce Nuke dmg (med)
Black Wing Robe R Yatagarasu (ALARM) 270 20 +Reduce Nuke dmg (high)
Lucifer Guard Messiah 305 10 +Reduce Magic dmg (high)
Lucifer Guard R Messiah (ALARM) 330 10 +Reduce Magic dmg (high)

Male Armor

Armor Material Defense Evasion Effect
Red Capote Matador 120 20 +3 Ag
Red Capote R Matador (ALARM) 225 18 +6 Ag
Black Jacket Hell Biker 210 15 +Prevents curse insta-kill
Dark Jacket Hell Biker (ALARM) 225 18 +Prevents curse insta-kill
Genma Armor Tam Lin 170 15 +4 Ma
Genma Armor R Tam Lin (ALARM) 180 15 +7 Ma
Official's Robe Okuninushi 280 15 +Evade curse (high)
Official's Robe R Okuninushi (ALARM) 295 20 +Evade curse (high)
Tantric Oath Satan 325 18 +Reduce Magic dmg (high)
Tantric Oath R Satan (ALARM) 350 18 +Reduce Magic dmg (high)

Female Armor

Armor Material Defense Evasion Effect
Moonlight Robe Kaguya 50 30 +Repel phys dmg (high)
Moonlight Robe R Kaguya (ALARM) 70 30 +Repel phys dmg (high)
Silk Dress Silky 95 10 +Evade Magic (low)
Silk Dress R Silky (ALARM) 100 14 +Evade Magic (med)
Spiritual Dress Phoenix 105 14 +4 Ma
Supreme Psychedelic Dress Phoenix (ALARM) 110 14 +6 Ma
Tapsuan Arahabaki 170 12 +Evade wind (high)
Finest Tapsuan Arahabaki (ALARM) 195 15 +Evade wind (high)
Lucky Robe Fortuna 210 18 +5 Lu
Super Luck Robe Fortuna (ALARM) 220 18 +10 Lu
Archangel Bra Sraosha 300 18 +Reduce Elec dmg (high)
Super Archangel Bra Sraosha (ALARM) 325 20 +Reduce Elec dmg (high)

Mona Armor

Armor Material Defense Evasion Effect
Frost Hood Jack Frost 110 20 +20 SP
Ace Frost Hood Jack Frost (ALARM) 120 20 +40 SP


Sorted alphabetically by material, DLC (↓) and Treasure Demons (◆) will be marked.

Accessory Material Description
Megaton Belt Abaddon Megaton Raid skill
God Hand Belt Abaddon (ALARM) God's Hand skill
Spiral Hell Ring Alice Mamudoon skill
Cursed Ribbon Alice (ALARM) Demonic Decree skill
Spiral Nuclear Ring Ananta Mafreila skill
Reactor Ring Ananta (ALARM) Freidyne skill
Nuclear Ring Ara Mitama Freila skill
Spiral Nuclear Ring Ara Mitama (ALARM) Mafreila skill
Red String Ball Ariadne ↓ +10 Lu/Attack Master skill
Red String Ball R Ariadne ↓ (ALARM) +13 Lu/Attack Master skill
Blazing Horns Asterius ↓ +10 En/Fire Amp skill
Inferno Horns Asterius ↓ (ALARM) +13 En/+Fire Amp skill
Kugelbein Athena ↓ +5 En/Auto-Maraku skill
Kugelbein R Athena ↓ +8 En and Auto-Marakukaja
Spiral Snow Ring Byakko Mabufula skill
Blizzard Ring Byakko (ALARM) Bufudyne skill
Curse Ring Choronzon Eiga skill
Spiral Curse Ring Choronzon (ALARM) Maeiga skill
Crystal Skull Crystal Skull ◆ +5 All stats/Angelic Grace skill
Crystal Skull R Crystal Skull ◆ (ALARM) +6 All stats/Angelic Grace skill
Spiral Blessing Ring Daisoujou Makouga skill
Divine Ring Daisoujou (ALARM) Kougaon skill
Emperor Charm Emperor's Amulet ◆ +5 En/Auto-Mataru skill
Emperor Charm R Emperor's Amulet ◆ (ALARM) +8 En/Auto-Mataru skill
Spiral Reactor Ring Fafnir Mafreidyne skill
Fire Dragon Horn Fafnir (ALARM) Atomic Flare skill
Giant Slice Belt Flauros Giant Slice skill
Rising Slash Belt Flauros (ALARM) Rising Slash skill
Spiral Blizzard Ring Gabriel Mabufudyne skill
Diamond Dust Lily Gabriel (ALARM) Diamond Dust skill
Frost Ring Genbu Bufu skill
Spiral Frost Ring Genbu (ALARM) Mabufu skill
Revival Charm Hariti Recarm skill
Rejuvenate Charm Hariti (ALARM) Samarecarm skill
Spiral Gale Ring Hastur Magarudyne skill
Storm Sculpture Hastur (ALARM) Panta Rhei skill
Swift Strike Belt Hecatoncheires Swift Strike skill
Gatling Belt Hecantoncheires (ALARM) Gatling Blow skill
Hope Diamond Hope Diamond ◆ +3 All stats/Regenerate 3 skill
Hope Diamond R Hope Diamond ◆ (ALARM) +4 All stats/Regenerate 3 skill
Hallowed Ring Horus Hamaon skill
Spiral Hallowed Ring Horus (ALARM) Mahamaon skill
Ember Ring Hua Po Agi skill
Spiral Ember Ring Hua Po (ALARM) Maragi skill
Spiral Thunder Ring Ishtar Maziodyne skill
Goddess Horn Ishtar (ALARM) Thunder Reign skill
White Headband Izanagi ↓ +5 En/Life Surge skill
White Headband R Izanagi ↓ (ALARM) +8 En/Life Surge skill
Shiny Belt Izanagi-no-Okami ↓ +2 Ag/Invigorate 3 skill
Shiny Belt R Izanagi-no-Okami ↓ (ALARM) +3 Ag/Invigorate 3 skill
Assault Belt Jikokuten Assault Dive skill
Rush Belt Jikokuten (ALARM) Kill Rush skill
Psy Ring Kodama Psi skill
Spiral Psy Ring Kodama (ALARM) Mapsi skill
Koh-i-noor Koh-i-noor ◆ +2 All stats/Bless Amp skill
Koh-i-noor R Koh-i-noor ◆ (ALARM) +3 All stats/Bless Amp skill
Spiral Mystic Ring Kohryu Mapsiodyne skill
Dragon's Heart Kohryu (ALARM) Psycho Force skill
Breeze Ring Koppa Tengu Garu skill
Spiral Breeze Ring Koppa Tengu (ALARM) Magaru skill
Wind Ring Kurama Tengu Garula skill
Spiral Wind Ring Kurama Tengu (ALARM) Magarula skill
Aid Charm Kushi Mitama Dia skill
Spiral Aid Charm Kushi Mitama (ALARM) Media skill
Cure Charm Kushinada Diarama skill
Spiral Cure Charm Kushinada (ALARM) Mediarama skill
Snow Ring Lachesis Bufula skill
Spiral Snow Ring Lachesis (ALARM) Mabufula skill
Amrita Charm Lakshmi Amrita Drop skill
Spiral Amrita Charm Lakshmi (ALARM) Amrita Shower skill
Spiral Inferno Ring Mada Maragidyne skill
Dark Flame Band Mada (ALARM) Inferno skill
Black Head Band Magatsu-Izanagi ↓ +5 St/Mana Surge skill
Black Head Band R Magatsu-Izanagi ↓ (ALARM) +8 St/Mana Surge skill
Spiral Heal Charm Maria Mediarahan skill
Rosery of Purity Maria (ALARM) Holy Benevolence skill
Spiral Karma Ring Mishaguji Mapsio skill
Mystic Ring Mishaguji (ALARM) Psiodyne skill
Inferno Ring Moloch Agidyne skill
Spiral Inferno Ring Moloch (ALARM) Maragidyne skill
Prayer Ring Nigi Mitama Kouha skill
Spiral Prayer Ring Nigi Mitama (ALARM) Makouha skill
Grudge Ring Onmoraki Eiha skill
Spiral Grudge Ring Onmoraki (ALARM) Maeiha skill
Orichalcum Orichalcum ◆ +6 Ag/Evade Physical skill
Orichalcum R Orichalcum ◆ (ALARM) +7 Ag/Evade Physical skill
Orlov Orlov ◆ +3 En/High Counter skill
Orlov R Orlov ◆ (ALARM) +5 Ag/High Counter skill
Grateful Harp F Orpheus ↓ +5 Magic/Null Brainwash skill
Grateful Harp R F Orpheus ↓ (ALARM) +8 Ma/Null Brainwash skill
Hades Harp Orpheus ↓ +5 Ag/Null Brainwash skill
Hades Harp R Orpheus ↓ (ALARM) +8 Ag/Null Brainwash skill
Hex Ring Pale Rider Eigaon skill
Spiral Hex Ring Pale Rider (ALARM) Maeigaon skill
Spiral Curse Ring Pazuzu Maeiga skill
Hex Ring Pazuzu (ALARM) Eigaon skill
Static Ring Pixie Zio skill
Spiral Static Ring Pixie (ALARM) Mazio skill
Blessing Ring Principality Kouga skill
Spiral Blessing Ring Principality (ALARM) Makouga skill
Queen's Necklace Queen's Necklace ◆ +1 Ag/Mana Bonus skill
Queen's Necklace R Queen's Necklace ◆ (ALARM) +2 Ag/Mana Bonus skill
Thunder Ring Raja Naga Ziodyne skill
Spiral Thunder Ring Raja Naga (ALARM) Maziodyne skill
Picaresque Hat Raoul ↓ +2 Ag/Insta-Heal skill
Picaresque Crown Raoul ↓ (ALARM) +3 Ag/Insta-Heal skill
Karma Ring Red Rider Psio skill
Spiral Karma Ring Red Rider (ALARM) Mapsio skill
Regent Regent ◆ +3 St/Attack Master skill
Regent R Regent ◆ (ALARM) +5 St/Attack Master skill
Energy Charm Saki Mitama Energy Drop skill
Spiral Energy Ring Saki Mitama (ALARM) Energy Shower skill
Blizzard Ring Seiryu Bufudyne skill
Spiral Blizzard Ring Seiryu (ALARM) Mabufudyne skill
Rebellion Anklet Setanta Rebellion skill
Revolution Anklet Setanta (ALARM) Revolution skill
Triple Shot Belt Seth Triple Down skill
Special Shot Belt Seth (ALARM) One-shot Kill skill
Vorpal Blade Belt Siegfried Vorpal Blade skill
Brave Belt Siegfried (ALARM) Brave Blade skill
Stone of Scone Stone of Scone ◆ +3 En/Dodge Physical skill
Stone of Scone R Stone of Scone ◆ (ALARM) +5 En/Dodge Physical skill
Atom Ring Suzaku Frei skill
Spiral Atom Ring Suzaku (ALARM) Mafrei skill
Darkness Ring Thanatos ↓ +5 Ma/Evade Curse skill
Darkness Ring R Thanatos ↓ (ALARM) +8 Ma/Evade Curse skill
Spiral Divine Ring Throne Makougaon skill
Judgement Cross Throne (ALARM) Divine Judgement skill
Reactor Ring Trumpeter Freidyne
Spiral Reactor Ring Trumpeter (ALARM) Mafreidyne
Black Moon Tsukiyomi ↓ +5 St/Apt Pupil skill
Black Moon R Tsukiyomi ↓ (ALARM) +8 St/Apt Pupil skill
God's Hand Belt Zaou-Gongen God's Hand skill
Gigantomachia Belt Zaou-Gongen (ALARM) Gigantomachia skill
Spark Ring Zouchuten Zionga skill
Spiral Spark Ring Zouchuten (ALARM) Mazionga skill

Skill Cards

NOTE: I not have inculded cards that are not available, can only be gained via chests/as loot or can only be gained through negotiation. So if you're wondering where a skill is, it's not available via electric chair. I also have chosen not to describe what the skils do. I may come back to it in a future update or if enough people request it, though! So keep your eyes peeled.

DLC personas marked as ↓.

Healing/Cure Ailment Skills

Skill Material
Diarama Asparas (ALARM)
Diarahan Kaguya ↓, Sarasvati (ALARM)
Media Asparas
Mediarama Sarasvati
Mediarahan Kaguya Picaro ↓ (ALARM), Izanagi-no-Okami Picaro ↓
Salvation Ishtar
Medializer Izanagi-no-Okami Picaro (ALARM) ↓
Recarm Norn
Samerecarm Norn (ALARM)
Energy Drop Kikuri-Hime
Energy Shower Kikuri-Hime (ALARM)

Magic Skills

Fire Skills

Skill Material
Agi Cait Sith
Agilao Orthrus
Agidyne Orpheus Picaro ↓, Decarabia (ALARM)
Inferno Surt (ALARM)
Maragi Cait Sith (ALARM)
Maragion Decarabia, Orthrus (ALARM)
Maragidyne Surt, Orpheus Picaro ↓ (ALARM)

Ice Skills

Skill Material
Bufu Koropokkuru
Bufula Sui-Ki
Bufudyne Baphomet, Belphegor (ALARM)
Diamond Dust Alliat (ALARM)
Mabufu Koropokkuru (ALARM)
Mabufula Sui-Ki (ALARM)
Mabufudyne Alliat, Baphomet (ALARM)
Ice Age Unavailble

Electric Skills

Skill Material
Zio Agathion
Zionga Take-Minakata
Ziodyne Barong, Atropos (ALARM)
Thunder Reign Dionysus (ALARM)
Mazio Agathion (ALARM)
Mazionga Atropos, Take-Minakata (ALARM)
Maziodyne Dionysus, Barong (ALARM)

Wind Skills

Skill Material
Garu Kelpie
Garula Anzu, High Pixie (ALARM)
Garudyne Garuda
Panta Rhei Quetzalcoatl (ALARM)
Magaru High Pixie, Kelpie (ALARM)
Magarula Anzu (ALARM)
Magarudyne Quetzalcoatl, Garuda (ALARM)

Psychokinesis Skills

Skill Material
Psio Sudama (ALARM)
Psiodyne Forneus
Psycho Force Mara (ALARM)
Mapsi Sudama
Mapsiodyne Mara, Forneus (ALARM)

Nuclear Skills

Skill Material
Frei Makami
Freidyne Thoth (ALARM)
Atomic Flare Bishamonten (ALARM)
Mafrei Suzaku (ALARM)
Mafeila Thoth
Mafreidyne Titania (ALARM)

Bless Skills

Skill Material
Kouha Angel
Kouga Isis
Kougaon Anubis (ALARM)
Makouha Angel (ALARM)
Makouga Anubis, Isis (ALARM)
Makougaon Dominion
Divine Judgement Dominion (ALARM)
Hama Archangel (ALARM)
Hamaon Melchizedek, Unicorn (ALARM)
Mahama Unicorn, Archangel (ALARM)
Mahamaon Melchizedek (ALARM)

Curse Skills

Skill Material
Eiga Nue (ALARM)
Eigaon Rangda (ALARM)
Maeiha Nue (ALARM)
Maeiga Rangda (ALARM)
Maeigaon Thanatos Picaro ↓
Demonic Decree Belial (ALARM)
Mudo Leanan Sidhe
Mudoon Chernobog
Mamudo Leanan Sidhe (ALARM)
Mamudoon Belial, Chernobog (ALARM)

Almighty Skills

Skill Material
Megidola Black Rider
Megidolaon Black Rider (ALARM)
Foul Breath Legion
Stagnant Air Legion (ALARM)

Physical/Gun Skills

Physical Skills

Skill Material
Lunge Bicorn
Cleave Berith
Kill Rush Oni (ALARM)
Giant Slice Inugami
Power Cleave Berith (ALARM)
Distressed Fangs Shiisaa (ALARM)
Assault Dive Bicorn (ALARM)
Megaton Raid Cerberus
Sword Dance Atavaka (ALARM)
Brave Blade Atavaka
God's Hand Cerberus (ALARM)
Double Fangs Shiisaa
Myriad Slashes Dakini (ALARM)
Tempest Slash Dakini
Terror Claw Kumbhanda
Headbutt Black Ooze
Hysterical Slap Yaksini
Sledgehammer Ippon-Datara
Skull Cracker Mothman
Rising Slash Valkyrie, Inugami (ALARM)
Deadly Fury Valkyrie (ALARM)
Bloodbath Macabre (ALARM)
Lucky Punch Obariyon
Miracle Punch Obariyon (ALARM)
Vajra Blast Kin-Ki
Vicious Strike Kin-ki (ALARM)
Heat Wave Oberon
Vorpal Blade Oberon (ALARM)
Gigantomachia Asterius Picaro ↓
Deathbound Girimehkala (ALARM)
Rampage Oni
Agneyastra Asterius Picaro ↓ (ALARM)
Swift Strike Girimehkala
Memory Blow Black Ooze (ALARM)
Dormin Rush Incubus (ALARM)
Oni Kagura Yaksini (ALARM)
Mind Slice Mothman
Flash Bomb Ippon-Datara (ALARM)
Bad Beat Unavailble
Bloodbath Unavaible
Blood Festival Macabre, Rangda (ALARM)

Gun Skills

Skill Material
Double Shot Shiki-Ouji
One-shot Kill Yamato-no-Orochi (ALARM)
Triple Down Yamato-no-Orochi, Shiki-Ouji (ALARM)
Riot Gun Cu Chulainn (ALARM)
Dream Needle Incubus

Support Skills

Skill Material
Tarukaja Eligor
Rakukaja Lamia
Sukukaja Negotation/Loot
Heat Riser Magatsu-Izanagi Picaro ↓
Matarukaja Eligor (ALARM)
Marakukaja Lamia (ALARM)
Masukukaja Loot only
Thermopylae Loot only
Tarunda Slime
Rakunda Orobas
Sukunda Mandrake (ALARM)
Debilitate Magatsu-Izanagi Picaro ↓ (ALARM)
Matarunda Slime (ALARM)
Marakunda Orobas (ALARM)
Masukunda Mandrake (ALARM)
Rebellion Ganesha
Revolution Ganesha (ALARM)
Charge Athena Picaro ↓
Concentrate Athena Picaro ↓ (ALARM)
Tetraja Clotho
Tetrakarn Scathach (ALARM)
Makarakarn Scathach, Clotho (ALARM)
Dekunda Mokoi
Dekaja Mokoi (ALARM)

Ailment Inflicting Skills

Skill Material
Dazzler Narcissus
Nocturnal Flash Narcissus (ALARM)
Makajama Kaiwan
Makajamaon Kaiwan (ALARM)
Dormina Sandman
Lullaby Sandman (ALARM)
Evil Touch Andras
Evil Smile Andras (ALARM)
Ominous Words Loa
Abysmal Surge Loa (ALARM)
Marin Karin Nebiros
Brain Jack Nebiros (ALARM)

Passive Skills

Skill Material
Ice Boost Lilim
Elec Boost Thunderbird
Wind Boost Fuu-ki
Nuke Boost Mithras
Bless Boost Power
Gun Boost White Rider
Ice Amp Lilim (ALARM)
Elec Amp Thunderbird (ALARM)
Wind Amp Fuu-ki (ALARM)
Nuke Amp Mithras (ALARM)
Bless Amp Power (ALARM)
Gun Amp White Rider (ALARM)
Arms Master Tsukiyomi Picaro ↓
Spell Master Tsukiyomi Picaro ↓ (ALARM)
Counter Naga
Counterstrike Ose, Naga (ALARM)
High Counter Ose (ALARM)
Null Phys Kali
Null Fire Chimera
Null Ice Parvati
Null Elec Mot
Null Wind Byakhee
Null Nuke Lilith
Null Bless Raphael
Null Curse Attis
Drain Phys Chi You (ALARM)
Drain Fire Chimera (ALARM)
Drain Curse Attis (ALARM)
Repel Phys Chi You, Kali (ALARM)
Repel Ice Parvati (ALARM)
Repel Elec Mot (ALARM)
Repel Wind Byakhee (ALARM)
Repel Nuke Lilith (ALARM)
Repel Bless Raphael (ALARM)
Regeneration 1 Rakshasa
Regeneration 2 Koumokuten, Rakshasa (ALARM)
Regeneration 3 Koumokuten (ALARM)
Insta-heal Messiah Picaro ↓
Firm Stance Messiah Picaro ↓ (ALARM)
Speed Master Jatayu
Auto-Mataru Ariadne Picaro ↓
Auto-Maraku Ariadne Picaro ↓ (ALARM)
Auto-Masaku Jatayu (ALARM)
Growth 2 Izanagi Picaro ↓
Growth 3 Izanagi Picaro ↓ (ALARM)