Persona 5 Royal: Limited Sales Items Guide

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Some items in game are a limited run item. Make sure to catch them while they're sold, because theyre usually really good. Most seasonal items restock on Mondays.

THIS GUIDE IS INCOMPLETE. See this GameFAQs page (EXTERNAL) for more information.


Item Price Period Effect Location
Yakisoba Pan 150 4/18-End (ONLY Fridays) +50HP, cure Hunger Aoyama-Itchome (School Store)
Drizzled Natto 1300 4/18-End (Rainy days ONLY) +80HP Underground Mall (Supermarket)
Moist Katsu Bun 2000 4/18-End (Rainy days ONLY) +200HP Ginza Line Gate (Yon-Germain Bakery)
Moist Protein 4500 4/18-End (Rainy days ONLY) Used for training OR +%30HP Shibuya Central Street (Store all the way at the end/Rocinante)
Baptismal Water 1000 Sundays Dekaja Kanda Church
Excorcism Water 2000 Sundays Dekunda Kanda Church
Repentence Ashes 12000 Sundays Cure party ailments (Amrita Shower) Kanda Church
Sacramental Wine 14000 Sundays Party +%100HP (Mediarahan) Kanda Church
Aojiru Juice 5000 Sundays +1 Social stat point (check calendar) Underground Walkway (Drink Stand)


Item Price Period Effect Location
Spring Fruit Pack 1200 4/18-5/31 Party +80HP Yongen-Jaya (Supermarket)
Earth Burger 780 4/18-5/31 Party +40HP Shibuya Central Street (Big Bang Burger)
Recover Oil 5000 4/18-5/31 Cure Ailments (Amrita Drop) Underground Mall (Cosmetics Store)


Item Price Period Effect Location
Melon Pan 1000 6/31-8/30 Revive ally Ginza Line Gate (Yon-Germain)
Soothing Soba 800 6/1-8/30 +200HP Shibuya Central Street (Convenience Store/Triple-7)


Item Price Period Effect Location
Moon Dango 800 9/1 - 11/17 +200HP Yongen-Jaya (Supermarket)
Autumn Bread 200 9/1 - 11/17 +200HP Aoyama-Itchome (School Store)
Moon Burger 1180 9/1 - 11/17 +120HP Shibuya Central Street (Big Bang Burger)
Refresh Aroma 8000 9/1 - 11/17 Cure Party Ailments (Amrita Shower) Underground Mall (Cosmetics Store)
Beni-Azuma 800 9/1 - 11/17 +10SP Yongen-Jaya (Sweet Potato Vendor)


Item Price Period Effect Location
Legendary Yaki-Imo 1800 11/25-End +50SP Yongen-Jaya (Sweet Potato Vendor)
Angel TartAngel Tart 1800 11/25-End Revive Ally
Agodashi Oden 800 11/25-End Party +50HP Shibuya Central Street (Convenience Store)

Phantom Thieves Hype

Item Price Period Effect Location
Phantom Wafers 500 9/1 - 10/10 +50HP and Cure Ailments Shibuya Central Street (Rocinante), Shibuya Central Street (Convenience Store), Underground Walkway (Station Kiosk)
Thief Mask 2000 9/1 - 10/10 Agility +1 Shibuya Central Street (Rocinante)
Calling Postcard 500 9/1 - 10/10 Send to Confidants for +1 boost Shibuya Central Street (Rocinante)