Persona 5 Royal: Castle of Lust

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The first part of this palace is all tutorial, and that will be a running theme with the rest of it as well. The Palace becomes free to explore after the inital tutorial. This guide will not be covering the tutorial battles, because largely, the game holds your hand during these parts.

*** = Berith is always the red shadow.
+ = Can appear as disaster shadows.

West Building 1F

Use your newly gained Third Eye to look for search items along the way to the new area. The kitchen area to the east of the Safe Room has two patrolling Shadows and three breakable items. The protagonist can climb on the shelves to help ambush the Shadows if needed. The new hallway to the west has one patrolling Shadow, however, as the protagonist cannot hide yet, it will have to be ambushed carefully. The door to the north leads into Old West Castle 2F.

Old West Castle 2F

Climbing the spiral stairs and entering the hallway at the top starts the tutorial on using cover to hide in order to ambush enemies. Using it to defeat the next Shadow is required to proceed. The door in this hallway doesn't open, so proceed further down the hallway.

The party will come to a room with a table surrounded by a perimeter of metal bars. Use the protagonist's Third Eye ability to follow the footsteps and select the correct levers to pull by following the blue footsteps. Pulling the wrong levers will summon Shadows into the room to ambush the party. After the correct levers have been pulled and the bars have been raised, collect the Old Castle Map from the table in the center of the room. Wait until the Shadow in the hallway to the south is heading away from the door to proceed through the next hallway.

In the upper area of the Central Hall, there will be bars blocking the way forward, so climb the ledges to the south and move along the chandeliers. A Shadow will appear to try and ambush the party on the central chandelier on their first time crossing this area. On the southeast side of the upper walkway, there will be a window leading back to the Castle Gate, and taking it will unlock a shortcut to the upper area. Drop down to the lower walkway when ready to move forward.

An open door to the east leads to the next Safe Room and a Locked Chest containing a Gold Breastplate male armor and Onyx. Entering the door to the east leads to the East Building 2F.

East Building 2F

Follow the long winding hallway to real a large dining hall with four patrolling Shadows. The room to the north holds a Treasure Chest near the inaccessible door which holds a Snuff Soul item. To the east is a kitchen with a patrolling Shadow, with a door on the north side leading forward. Wait until the Shadow on the other side of the door is moving away before opening it.

The shelves in this next room can be used to ambush the patrolling Shadow. Afterward, the door to the north is locked, so the party must take a vent in the southwest corner of this room. Ambushing the Shadow leads to a battle where the Shadows begging tutorial is explained. This can be used to easily gain a new Persona, items or money. Shadows are more likely to beg while left at low health while the other Shadows on the field are defeated. Timid Shadows are highly likely to beg, while Irritable Shadows almost never beg. Opening the Treasure Chest afterward grants the party a Muscle Anklet accessory. Heading east and through the next door leads to the East Building 3F.

East Building 3F

Climb the stairs to the next hallway, there will be a new Safe Room at the top with a Shadow patrolling nearby. After healing and saving, head west down the hallway, and keep heading east at the hall split towards a room just south of the Safe Room on the map. Examine the bookshelf to receive The Slave Book as a key item. Carefully head back to the hall split, as a new Shadow is patrolling the hallway the party has gone down.

Continue down the unexplored hallway to reach a horseshoe-shaped hallway to the south. Examine the goat decoration on the door to the south to learn that a key is needed to progress. In the same hallway to the west, there are two rooms that can be entered. Take the door to the room on the north side. A Shadow will teleport in shortly after the party enters the room, so be prepared to ambush it. Examine the bookshelf to take The Queen Book.

Now enter the room to the south and examine the bookshelf to receive The King Book. Exit the room and follow the hallway south to deal with another Shadow and find a Locked Chest containing a Bead and Chewing Soul.

Enter the room to the north to find a library and use Third Eye to reveal three locations on the bookshelves to set books. The slot on the north wall has books related to Kamoshida, place the King Book here. The slot on the west wall has books relating to the volleyball team members. Place the Slave Book here. The spot on the east wall has books relating to female students, place the Queen Book here.

A shelf on the south wall will open up and the party will move to examine the new room. Examining a shelf on the east wall with a glittering object nets the Kamoshida's Medal key and Tower Map key items. After this is a mandatory tutorial on Disaster shadows. Backtrack to the special door and use Kamoshida's Medal to proceed through. Taking the door leads to the East Building Annex. Make sure to save before entering the next room.

East Building Annex

Proceed east. Morgana will prompt the protagonist to consider if he wants to continue onward, as there is a midboss fight coming up. The party will enter a battle with the Heavenly Punisher. He will use Charge to prepare a strong attack, and Morgana will prompt the party to guard and introduce the guarding tutorial. Heavenly Punisher has no weaknesses, and resists Ice and Elec skills. Try putting him to sleep and scoring technicals, make sure to guard when he is about to use Cleave or he will take your party down very quickly.

After the midboss is defeated, more Shadows will teleport into the room. This will trigger a cutscene where Joker uses the grappling hook to make his way up. Run through the hall up here toward the next objective. The game will stop you to offer the Will Seed tutorial - you can't miss this one. Grapple over the gap and enter the sealed door to pick up the red Will Seed of Lust. The other two won't be as straightforward.

Follow the hallway north to the next spiral staircase. Following the staircase downward leads to a Shadow patrolling near a Locked Chest containing a Ryozanpaku Sword for Morgana and a Pearl. Taking the stairs up leads to the Old Castle Roof.

Old Castle Roof

Before entering the courtyard, four strong glowing Shadows will teleport in. They can be defeated at this point, but it will take some effort. Sneak past them by grappling up to the Central Tower.

Central Tower

Kamoshida's Palace's green Will Seed of Lust is easily the hardest to find in Kamoshida's castle. When you reach the roof of the castle, before you enter the tower, grapple up to start the minor platforming section. When you make it up to the window, keep running and look around for another grapple point high in the sky. Grapple up the side of the tower and into a small window. You'll find the green Will Seed of Lust here.

You will now be in a circular tower area that is heavily distorted. Walk around and fight enemies while looking for chests. There is a small side room that has an elevator in it that will take you down to another chest, enemy and shortcut. Explore it if you wish, but press on once you are done. In the room with the large stairwell, there is a lever to unlock a door as well as a Safe Room. Use it, and take a break for the day if you are low on resources.

You'll find an elevator that takes you down to a secret compartment. You can use this compartment to go all the way back to the start of the dungeon - by jumping through a portrait of Kamoshida. Take the shortcut back, and hit the switch in the corner of the castle entryway. This will activate a second elevator in the secret compartment. Go back through the portrait and head down the elevator on your left. You'll be in some kind of dungeon or sewer. Walk forward and defeat the powerful guard. Use sleep to take down the guardian with technicals. When the guard is dead, go into the sealed room and pick up the blue Will Seed of Lust.

Once back in the dungeon, head up the crazy floating stairs to the right and into the next area. Here you will find the crescent room. From here on out enemies are fairly dangerous, so engage them with caution. Clear out the room as usual and head up the stairs. Clear out the enemies here as well and grab the treasure by the large barred wall. Now move up the stairs and into another stairwell.It is here that you will discover the danger bridge, and there is no super cool spy way to pass it. Instead, head back to the crescent room and find a Guard Captain (the one in gold armor). Beat him up and get one of the statue's eyes. Now you need the matching one. Head down one more floor to the room just outside of the Safe Room. There will be three enemies that look like guard captains here, but only one is the real deal. Use Third Eye to find the most filled in enemy (the other two should look hollow by comparison). It will be up on the platform that you must use a statue to reach. Attack the real captain, and get the second eye. Now head back to the danger bridge, and pull on the statue. You will be able to cross safely. Grab some treasure, and then head up more stairs.

Throne Room

Climb up the statue on the left of the door to make your way into the throne room more subtly. Sneak to the far back of the room and head through the doors to the treasure room! Once you're there, you can choose to head back or stay and explore.

Boss Fight

There are a few phases to this boss fight. In the first phase, focus on attacking without using your gun or magic skills, and make sure to heal when you get low on health. Then, Kamoshida will heal by using his Trophy of Obsession. From there, choose to target the Trophy and destroy it while keeping an eye on your health. This will result in an All-Out Attack opportunity. If he stares at Ann, make sure to guard because he will use Heavy Physical damage attack on her next round.

Once the Trophy is destroyed, he will perform a powerful Almighty attack called Gold Medal Spike. It is NECESSARY to guard, or all your party members will go down, and you'll be forced to start over. Once you survive this, he will call Cognitive Shiho, and attempt to perform the attack again. Focus on destroying Cognitive Shiho, and try to take her down in one turn so Kamoshida cannot do Gold Medal Spike or Killshot of Love anymore. This should be easy, since Shiho is weak to every type of damage, so just wail on her.

After this, Morgana will prompt you to send someone to knock the crown off of Kamoshida's head. Send the party member with the lowest HP and SP, and focus on attacking Kamoshida. If you don't attack him enough, he will notice a party member is missing, and you will have to start this phase over. You should be able to sneak a few buffs and heals in, just don't make it the whole round.

Once his crown in knocked off, his Attack and Defense will lower drastically, and taking him out should be easy from there.