Persona 5 Royal: Museum of Vanity

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*** = Shiki-Ouji is always the Red shadow.

Note: This is the first palace that you cannot complete in one day. It will force you out about a third of the way through the palace and the next day it with automatically proceed to a story event which will take up your afternoon time. Then you are free to complete the last half of the palace in one sitting.

Museum Entrance

Once inside the Metaverse, jump up the truck and over the wall. Continue your way onto the roof and through the window, just like last time. Once you land, head toward the door. The gang will stop and discover that there are now lasers in certain areas. Hold X to jump over or slide under them, but only if at least one of the three circuits is green (one or two beams instead of three). You can use Third Eye to clearly see if there are two or three beams.

You will now be in the room with all of the paintings. Carefully clear out the guards in here. Be sure to mind the lasers that have been turned on since last time. Once the enemies are gone, go through the door and into the student's portrait room. Move into the entrance area again and fight the guards. Head into the golden statue/Infinite Spring room and up the stairs. From here on out, new territory.

The door to the west is barred, so follow the hallway east and north to find the 1st Exhibition Room Safe Room. Save and prepare as necessary before continuing onward.

2nd Exhibition Room

Here you will find yourself in a hallway connected to a large square room. Walk inside and up to the giant golden vase. Morgana will lose all self control and jump up onto the display platform, triggering a trap. You will now be on your own.

At this point in time, you can't do anything to help your friends, so turn around and look for a large box. Climb up the box and then up the wall. Jump down onto the enemy below but be careful. The enemy is easy to defeat but you are completely on your own. This means that you do not have access to Hold Up or All In. Use your most damaging abilities and take the enemy out. Once it falls, head to the back wall and find the glowing red panel. Walk up to it and hit the button.

When the red light goes out, the wall behind you will lower, allowing Ann to escape. Go meet up with her and then climb up the crates next to the button. Continue along the wall, pass over the bridge and toward the other side. Jump down, and look for a blurry painting in a silver frame on the right side of the room. Examine it and then take it off the wall. Here is the button that you are looking for. Hitting the other, more obvious button, will trigger an enemy encounter. Hit it to rescue Ryuji.

Talk to Ryuji and then run to the back wall, where the enemy spawning button is. Find the crates around here and climb up them to reach the ventilation shaft. Crawl through here and into the security room. Walk up to the computer and attempt to lower the lasers. Turns out you need a password. Exit through the security room's front door to find two bumbling guards having a conversation. Eavesdrop on them and you will learn the password, which you do not need to memorize.

Defeat the guard after the conversation is over and return to the security panel. Examine it and the password will be entered for you. Morgana will be free and the part will be whole again. After a quick chat, walk up to the vase and examine it. The vase will turn into a giant gem which will then run away from you. Catch it by getting close and hitting X. This will initiate a battle with the Regent. If you can knock it down and talk to it (it is weak to Nuke), it will join your team as a non-combat Persona that can be used to fuse stronger Personas. Defeating it will net the party a large sum of EXP and money.

You will finally be able to leave this room. Once you are in the next area, you will see a large wall with a opening in it. Climb through the opening, jump down and take out the guard. Go through the door and into the next room.

Turn right to find the 2nd Exhibition Room Safe Room. Don't forget to save!

Head left and down the hall. There will be a few guards here. Sneaking up on them can be a little tricky due to the shape of the room and the positioning of the cover. Go slow and take them out.

Entering the next area raises electrical barriers and causes three patrolling Shadows to spawn. Head for the nearest cover and then ambush them as necessary. Use Third Eye to find a wall you can jump up onto, then use your grappling hook to head to the platform. Hit the button on your left to turn off the barrier, then jump back down and head up the stairs in the middle of the room. Go around the corner to find a strong shadow and an open door that leads to a treaure chest containing a Relax Gel. Head back into the hallway and over to the balcony between the locked door and the door you just came from, and use your grappling hook to swing up to a platform.

Head forward down the platform and into a room with a chest containing a Rasetsu Ofuda, a few search items, and the First Will Seed. Head back up to the opening in the wall, jump down to the room you were trapped in before, and proceed forward. Be aware once you move on to the Central Garden, you will be forced automatically to return to the palace next day for a story event and will lose your afternoon activity slot and be unable to go out in the evening.

Central Garden (1)

Head north to find an impassible barrier in the central courtyard. After the cutscene, head south to find a new Safe Room. The party can't do anything further at the moment to progress through the Palace. Save and prepare as needed, then leave the Palace for the day.

Central Garden (2)

The party will automatically work to bypass the door on the next day, as early as 5/19. Ann and Morgana will be in the real world, leaving the protagonist and Ryuji to disable the security once the door opens. When dialogue ends, move forward into the Treasure Hall Lounge.

Treasure Hall Lounge

There will be a security guard Shadow guarding the doorway ahead. The Security Shadow will take the form of Nue to fight the party. It can be knocked down for an All-Out Attack by using Fire skills. After the battle, head west into the security room and examine the control terminal to shut off the courtyard's security systems completely. Exiting the room sends the pair back to the courtyard to meet with the other half of the party.

Back in the room with the giant gold sculpture near the entrance, story progression will happen. Cut scenes! The next party member will awaken to their persona and then engage the Embittered Blacksmith and four Foolish Monks alongside the party. Use Ice skills to hit the weakness of the Foolish Monks and gain additional turns. Striking them and using the extra actions to attack the Embittered Blacksmith will whittle him down faster. Following the battle, there will be more scenes, and the party will leave the Palace for the day.

Central Garden (3)

The protagonist is free to determine when the party next infiltrates the Palace. You now have the ability to change who is in your party by going to the menu, and going to "Stats". You can have up to three other party members besides Joker. Return to the Central Garden Safe Room and save, then continue on. After exiting the Safe Room, head north to the Treasure Hall Lounge.

Treasure Hall Lounge (Again)

After crossing the courtyard, you will be back in the large room that you and Ryuji fought through a day or so ago. Clear out the guards and head up the ramps. Grab the map off of the brochure rack at the top of the ramp and then move into the next area.

Head left for a locked chest, assuming you have a lock pick on hand. Now head right, and go all the way down the long hallway. Here, hang a left, around the corner and then a right into a square room. Clear the enemies and grab the chest.

From here, turn left and you will find yourself in the large laser room. This is more or less a maze. Be careful as you progress forward, as a wrong step will bump the security level up. The lasers become much easier to see if you are using Third Eye.

This will be a laser grid maze that the party must navigate. The Shadows will not be able to see the protagonist through the barriers made by the lasers. Head to the southwest side of the room to find a Treasure Chest containing a Hiranya. In the northwest corner, the party can look beyond the shutters to see another security room and a strong Shadow can be seen guarding the hall. Move to examine the Giant Painting on the north wall. Navigate to the left side of the paintings and jump out when prompted, then enter the air duct along the west wall.

Move north to fight the security guard Shadow. The Bringer of Misfortune will attempt to stop the party. This Shadow nulls Physical, Gun and Curse attacks; this leaves it open only to elemental attacks or its weakness to Nuclear skills. It will attempt to inflict the Rage status on party members, making their attacks completely ineffective and making them take more damage on top of it.

After the Shadow is defeated, the party will receive a Media skill card and the game will show a brief tutorial on their use. There is a Locked Chest on the northeast side of the next security room containing a Bold Eyepatch accessory, Amethyst and Straw Doll item. Entering the security room and examining the control terminal will lead to the party needing to search for the password.

Go through the door to the south and approach the two Shadows standing in the hall to the east. Head south to the Giant Madarame Statue and examine it. The password is 1120. Now return to the northwest security room and examine the control terminal to enter the password. This will disable all of the laser grids in the area and raise the grates, which has the side effect of rendering the Shadows in the main hall able to see much more of the area than they could before. Head to the eastern end of the floor. Go through the double doors and turn left to find the Treasure Hall Safe Room. Save and proceed.

Treasure Hall Gallery

Outside of the Safe Room, head left through the door and into the gallery. Now go left down the hallway and through the double doors. You will come up to a large wall full of paintings. Walk up to the first one and jump inside. Head to the right and into the painting with the mountain and the red gate. Instead of going forward, run through the gate.You will now be in a jungle painting, jump out and onto the nearby ledge. Hit the button to make a new painting appear. Jump back in the painting, and make your way back to the mountain. Instead of going through the gate here, head out the right side.

You will now be on a boat, or rather, a painting of a boat. Jump off the boat around where the waves are crashing up along the side. If you continue too far to the right, a octopus monster will hurl you out of the painting and onto the enemy infested floor below. After jumping out of the boat, you will have access to yet another button. Press it.

Jump down the scaffolding to re-enter the desert painting. Head right through the desert, enter the red gate, climb the rocks in the jungle and the party will be able to exit the next painting at the other end. Head out the door to the right and down the hall past the lasers and through the stacks to the left to grab a chest with a Hiranya.

Turn around and head back the way you came, going down the ramp to the right of the hall you entered from. Head around the corner and jump up onto the ledge, and then jump down into the next room. Go around the corner again and find a place you can use your grappling hook. Zip up to the ledge, grab the chest with a Bead and then hit the button on the wall to open the gate to the second Will Seed.


You will now be in a gigantic room inspired by the works of M.C. Escher. The room looks confusing, but is actually very straightforward. Use Third Eye to see what you can interact with and follow the path of exclamation points.

Once you have crossed the way, and grabbed the hidden treasure off to the right, head into the blue gateway. Continue along the path until you encounter two Sayuri paintings. You must choose the correct one before you can leave. Answering any incorrectly will cause shadows to spawn. Examine the one to the right, in the red shirt and claim that it is the true painting. A golden door will light up, go through it.

In the next area, The correct answer is the second to last Sayuri, after jumping to the next ledge. Head to the next gold door. In the next area, head to the place with the four Sayuri paintings. The correct painting is hidden behind a tearaway wall that you can spot with Third Eye. Grab the chest with the Baptismal Water. Enter the blue door, then enter the gold door at the bottom of the stairs. Follow the path west to find a Treasure Chest containing a Blank Card, then head north.

Main Treasure Hall

Walk up to the double doors and enter into the treasure room. Before doing anything else, walk forward toward Madarame and the treasure. A short cutscene will play, and you will regain control. Go left to find the Main Hall Safe Room. Don't forget to save!!

From the Safe Room, head forward into the security booth. You will have a couple of options here, so choose to open the shutters first. After that, you can do the next two, turn off the power or turn off the laser grid, in either order. Once all options have been attempted, a guard will find you. The party will be thrown into a battle with three Hunting Wolf Spirits. They are weak to Elec.

Return to where you stood, gazing at the treasure. Head right up the newly opened ramp. Clear out any and all enemies along the way. On your way up the ramp, and keep Third Eye up to spot a vent on the left side of the hall. Crawl through to get a locked chest, and then use your grappling hook to get up onto a walkway. Jump across the platforms forward to get to another vent. Crawl in and jump down the hole and head to your right to find the Third Will Seed. Here you will fight Awakened God, who is a tough shadow, so be prepared for a good fight. The shadow is weak to Nuke and Wind, and is suceptible to sleep.

Grab the Will Seed, and head back to open a locked door. Head through to get to the Upper Main Hall Safe Room. Save, and heal up.

Head to the balcony behind the safe room and use your grappling hook to swing across the Treasure Room. Head to the hallway from the balcony, but beware of shadows. Head to the right and follow the path up to the control room. Ignore the bright red lever for now, and head up the ladder on the far wall. Jump down the path to examine the hanging hook, then return to the lever, triggering a conversation. Infiltration route complete, feel free to leave the palace or explore a bit more.

Boss Fight

Madarame is significantly harder to beat than Kamoshida was.

In the first phase of the fight, Madarame will morph into four paintings, each able to be individually targeted, and with their own affinities. They all have 300 HP.

After a few rounds, the paintings can begin using the spell Artist's Grace, which is a status effect spell that puts black goo on a party member, making them weak to every type of damage. It is recommended to defeat all the paintings within one round, because if one painting is downed while another is up, another painting can cast a revive spell, bringing them back up to quarter health.

Once the party gets hit with Artist's Grace twice, you can choose to send a party member to cover the paintings in goo. It will take the member two rounds, at which point you can use any AOE attack to down every painting, and finish the round with an All-Out Attack. That aside, I recommend spamming AOE elemental attacks until the mouth and nose are down, and then spamming physical or exotic moves on the eyes to quickly take care of the first phase. The eyes will drain the elemental damage, but they can't go above full health, and they are the only two paintings without damaging spells. Make sure to take care of them quickly once the mouth and nose are down to avoid those paintings getting revived.

During phase two, Madarame will summon elemental copies of himself. Each copy type will be associated with the element that their colors represent; red for fire, blue for ice, yellow for elec, and green for wind. They are weak to their opposite damage type, (fire U+2194.svg ice, elec U+2194.svg wind), and reflect their associated affinity. This makes it ill advised to use AOE attacks unless sure that none will reflect back at you. Each copy has around 250 HP.

The goal of this phase is to get Madarame down to 0 health. He has about 2500 HP, and can only summon copies or use Artist's Grace. Whenver a copy is downed, Madarame will use his turn to summon a new one. The fight will start with one of each type, but he will an element at random when summoning more clones. Use elemental attacks to score a one-more from the copy Madarames, and then use the fourth pass to hit the real Madarame with a strong attack. After several rounds, he will start summoning defective clones that have less HP and have the Sleep status effect, leaving them either open to easy Technicals or less threat to your party. Once you defeat the true Madarame, the fight will end, regardless of if clones are still on the battlefield.