Persona 5 Royal: Mementos Request Guide

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Missions marked with an asterisk (*) contribute to the progression of the Moon Confidant. These requests will be availble on the Da'at path after the Depths if Third Semester is unlocked.

Request Floor Weakness Notes
Beware the Clingy Ex-Boyfriend! * Qimranut 1 Electric Skills
Status Ailment
  • To Unlock: Automatic, 5/7
  • Reward: Attatchment Pearl
The Bark and Bite of a Bully * Aiyatsbus 2 Status Ailment
  • To Unlock: Automatic, 5/9
  • Reward: Protein
One Who Bullies Bullies * Aiyatsbus 5 Bless Skills
  • To Unlock: Complete Previous mission, Moon Confidant Rank 3 - Eavesdrop of Takanashi and Sakoda near School Gate
  • Reward: Evil Snow Crystal
If Cats Disappeared from the City Aiyatsbus 6 Wind Skills
  • To Unlock: Automatic, 5/25 - Eavesdrop of Gentle-Look Mother, then talk to Old Man in Yongen-Jaya
  • Reward: Cat Brooch
An Elderly's Meaning of Life Aiyatsbus 3 Fire Skills
  • To Unlock: Automatic, 6/5 - Eavesdrop on Sake Reporter and Aproned Man in Kichijoji at Night
  • Reward: Nuisance Belt
Phantom Thieves VS Burglary Ring Chemdah 4 Curse Skills
Status Ailment
  • To Unlock: Automatic, 6/18
  • Reward: Old Key
Sadism Is Just a Sign of Love * Aiyatsbus 7 Fire Skills
Bless Skills
  • To Unlock: Automatic, 6/6
  • Reward: Whip Sword
Part-time Job, Full-time Hell * Chemdah 1 Status Ailment
  • To Unlock: Moon Confidant Rank 4
  • Reward: Chinese Sweets
Bad Medicine Chemdah 2 Status Ailment
  • To Unlock: Death confidant Rank 7.5 (Level 4 charm)
  • Reward: Mediarama skill card
Ending the Boyfriend's Abuse Chemdah 3 Psychic Skills
Status Ailment
  • To Unlock: Confront Chihaya Mifune about fake Holy Stone
  • Reward: Sleep Stick
A Teacher Maid to Suffer Chemdah 7 Oberon:
Psychic Skills
Status Ailment
Fire Skills
  • To Unlock: Temperance Rank 8.5
  • Reward: Envy Chain
The Lovesick Cyberstalking Girl * Chemdah 8 None
  • To Unlock: Automatic, 7/10
  • Reward: Sticky Hairball
Calling For Justice For Cats * Kaitul 1 Fire Skills
  • To Unlock: 8/11, Moon Confidant Rank 5 - Work at Convenience Store (does not count if you are doing the tutorial, you must work one regular day)
  • Reward: Blood Scimitar
Debunking the Psychic Kaitul 3 Bless Skills
Ice Skills
  • To Unlock: Fortune Confidant Rank 7.5
  • Reward: Prophet's Hand
Shady Deal in the Shadows Kaitul 4 None
  • To Unlock: Hanged Man Confidant Rank 7.5 (MAX guts)
  • Reward: Weird Wrap
Who's Been Assaulting People? * Kaitul 5 Status Ailment
  • To Unlock: 8/5, Work at Flower Shop (cannot be first or second time, must not be the tutorial, must be a regular day)
  • Reward: Charge skill card
We Aren't Just Your Slaves * Kaitul 8 Bless Skills
  • To Unlock: 8/2, Work at Crossroads Bar (must have at least Rank 1 Devil Confidant, must not be first time working there, must be a regular night)
  • Reward: Theme Park Escort
Fighting for Truth in Journalism Kaitul 9 Wind Skills
  • To Unlock: Devil Confidant Rank 7.5
  • Reward: Invigorate 3 skill card
Who's Muscling in Yongen-Jaya? * Kaitul 10 Status Ailment
  • To Unlock: Automatic, 8/30
  • Reward: Shitamachi Reborn
Man of Many Faces and Debts * Akzeriyyuth 1 Electric Skills
Status Ailment
  • To Unlock: Automatic, 5/7
  • Reward: Thermopylae skill card
Winners Don't Use Cheats Akzeriyyuth 3 None
  • To Unlock: 9/4 - Talk to Gamer at Shibuya Arcade
  • You will need to take two trips to defeat him. First, attempt to fight him to discover all your attacks miss, then go talk to the Gamer at Akihabara Arcade (Shinya Oda/Tower Confidant). He will teach you Downshot. Go back to Mementos to complete the Downshot tutorial and take this cheater down.
  • Reward: Null Physical skill card
Upstaging the Stage Mother Akzeriyyuth 6 Bless Skills
  • To Unlock: Star Confidant Rank 7.5 (MAX knowledge)
  • Reward: Bead Chain
The Killer Who Cleans Up Trash * Akzeriyyuth 12 None
  • To Unlock: Automatic, 10/14
  • Reward: High Counter skill card
The Money-grubbing Uncle Adyeshach Status Ailment
  • To Unlock: Hierophant Confidant Rank 8
  • To begin request, talk to Futaba in Yongen-Jaya in her normal spot. This will take Joker and Oracle ALONE to fight this shadow. You may go out at night after completing this request. You may not advance Hermit or Hierophant Confidants while you have this request, so be sure to take care of it.
  • Reward: Venture Saber
Daughter's Just a Meal Ticket Adyeshach 3 Succubus: Ice Skills
Status Ailment
Fire Skills
Status Ailment
  • To Unlock: Hermit Confidant Rank 7
  • Reward: Growth 3 skill card
A Mother's Aggression Adyeshach 11 Fire Skills
Status Ailment
  • To Unlock: Tower Confidant Rank 8
  • Reward: Soma
Swindling Old Folk is Pretty Low * Adyeshach 13 Status Ailment
  • To Unlock: Automatic, 11/25
  • Reward: Haten Robe
Lady-Killer's Ballad Sheriruth 8 None
  • To Unlock: Automatic, 12/10
  • This shadow will attempt to Brainwash any female party members, but will not attempt to Brainwash any of the boys. If you bring an all-male party, he will not use that skill.
  • Reward: Agitation Crown
The Head Honcho in Showbiz * Sheriruth 14 Nuclear Skills
  • To Unlock: Automatic, 12/3 (must have sent calling card to the Ship Palace and defeated its ruler before receiving this request)
  • Reward: Immortal Vest
A Small Cry For Help Da'at 3 Bless Skills
  • To Unlock: Automatic, 1/13 (requires accessing the Third Semester)
  • Reward: Spiral Hell Ring
O My Young Sister, I Cry For You Da'at 7 None
  • To Unlock: Automatic, 1/14 (requires accessing the Third Semester)
  • Reward: Strength Ofuda (x8)
An Idol and a Unicorn Da'at 13 1 Curse Skills
  • To Unlock: After securing infiltration route to the Lab Palace (except cold wave or rainy days) - Eavesdrop on Lily-Nyan and Fuwa in Akihabara
  • Speak to Lily-nyan in Kichijoji on 3/19 to receive He's a Trickster☆, which can be played in Thieves Den.
  • Reward: One-shot Kill skill card
Fake-Man Show Da'at 15 Bless Skills
  • To Unlock: After securing infiltration route to the Lab Palace (only on cold wave or rainy days) - Talk to people in Kichijoji, you will then receive an SNS. After which you can eavesdrop on two students
  • Reward: Eccentric Belt